Time for some reflection


Before this assignment, I felt out of my comfort zone with the thought of blogging. I was never one to spend my free time writing to an online audience. However, because blogging was so foreign to me, the process of writing about a topic that I enjoyed, to an audience that shared my same interests, became a newly discovered hobby.

Looking back on this semester, I have had a very positive experience writing to the Healthy Panthers of Chapman University. By researching information about nutrition and fitness, I became more interested in my major of kinesiology. Also, I was able to take away many fitness facts that have helped shape my current diet and workout routine.

With such a large audience, it was difficult at times to list certain exercises and foods, while targeting each student enrolled at Chapman. For those students living on campus, I was limited to the surrounding restaurants, grocery stores, and university campus, when referencing places to eat and exercise. It was essential for me to list local areas and to give specific names of restaurants and gyms to help my audience identify what was being discussed in my blog posts. For those students that had never picked up a weight or were just beginning to exercise, it was important for me to break down workouts and give examples of the proper exercise equipment to use. It is all about safety. Some readers needed baby steps and some readers were gym rats. I took into consideration the consequences of performing new workouts without a doctor’s consent and consuming foods that may trigger allergies.

I believe this topic of fitness and nutrition could have been much easier to blog about with a smaller audience. By writing to an audience of only male athletes at Chapman, I would not have had to explain certain workouts in detail or elaborate about the science behind eating different foods. As an athlete, proper nutrition is imperative in order to achieve peak performance. Most athletes have a solid knowledge of how to keep their bodies fit and the fuel required to leave it all on the field.  An audience of athletic readers with prior knowledge about water and carbohydrates would have changed some of my weekly tips. I wouldn’t have had to go in depth about the importance of H2O and carbs while speaking to a fitness savvy group. If  I focused on Chapman males, I could have suggested specific upper body workouts geared for men, without considering how females might be affected trying the exercises.

This assignment challenged me to consider my entire audience, giving each person a dose of healthy information through my posts. Whether it was naming quick, whole food snacks to a busy student or listing leg workouts to a freshman that has never stepped into a squat rack, I attempted to reach all of the Healthy Panthers.


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